Pat / Co-Host

Pat is a proud Angeleno, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business in 2014.

He’s the co-founder of Quixprint, a commercial printing company serving hundreds of industry-leading brands. He’s also a business consultant for startups at Ignitus Ventures, a firm he co-founded in 2017.

When he’s not working 0.5% of the time, Pat spends 90% of his time in the gym. The other 10% is spent reading, traveling, exploring new food spots, attending USC football games, or working.


Posh / Co-Host

Posh was born and raised in Los Angeles and really doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. He graduated from USC in 2014, having earned his degree in Political Science and Communication (it really helps with this podcast) and a professional degree from Loyola Law School.

He is the Director of Content & Hospitality at JohnHart Real Estate and a business consultant at Ignitus Ventures.

When Posh was a kid, he rocked an “I’m Talking And I Can’t Shut Up” shirt because he really enjoyed talking. Nothing’s changed. When he’s not working or talking or working, Posh is stuck in traffic, exploring food spots around Los Angeles, working out, and lifting spirits.