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You followed your curiosity and it landed you in this very moment, on this very page - to learn more about us and why we’re doing what we’re doing. 

You know by now that The Founder Hour (“TFH”) is a podcast. That’s a great start! 

Here’s a brief history lesson: Even though we launched TFH in November 2017, we always had incredibly meaningful conversations with founders and leaders of startups, companies, nonprofits and movements in Los Angeles and were inspired by their upbringing and stories. 

Being born and raised in L.A., we knew we had to share these stories with the world because of our belief that through the power of the human story we can inspire and create impact and highlight the awesome humans who are making things happen in the City of Angels.

With your help, we can grow TFH and create a platform to foster a community who wants to take ideas to the next level and make a difference in this city and beyond.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, CEO, consumer, frustrated commuter, freelancer, high school or college student, intern, bored at work, or just really love listening to people talk, we’re so stoked to have you here with us.

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Pat & Posh