The Founder Hour really began years ago, without a microphone. Here’s what we mean by that. Both Pat and Posh often found themselves having incredibly meaningful conversations with founders and leaders of startups, companies, nonprofits and movements in Los Angeles and were inspired by their upbringing and stories. Being born and raised in L.A., they knew they had to share these stories with the world because of their belief that there's truly something awesome brewing in the City of Angels, something special that you just can't find anywhere else.

Pat and Posh started listening to podcasts during their long commutes to work as a therapeutic escape from hours of driving 5 mph (L.A. traffic SUCKS!). This led them to want to be a part of the podcast movement and make others' drives (and days) a little more bearable. So it began. Pat and Posh bought a couple of mics, emailed friends of theirs who were founders, and embarked on the journey.

TFH is bigger than just a podcast; it’s a platform aimed at fostering a community of folks in Los Angeles who want to spark ideas and movements, and make a difference in this city and beyond.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, CEO, consumer, frustrated commuter, student, intern, bored at work, or just really love listening to people talk, The Founder Hour is for you! We're stoked to have you here with us!



Patrick Tanahan / Co-Host

Pat is a proud Los Angeles native, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He graduated from USC in 2014, having earned his degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of Quixprint, a commercial printing company serving hundreds of industry-leading brands. He is also a business consultant for startups at Ignitus Ventures, a firm he co-founded in 2017.

When he isn't working, Pat spends his time lifting weights, reading, traveling, exploring new food spots, and attending USC football games.


Nerses Aposhian / Co-Host

Posh was born and raised in Los Angeles and really doesn’t want to leave anytime soon. He graduated from USC in 2014, having earned his degree in Political Science and Communication (it really helps with this podcast!) He is an associate at The Lew Firm, an entrepreneurial focused law firm, and a business consultant at Ignitus Ventures.

Posh really loves talking! In fact, when he was a kid, he rocked an “I’m Talking And I Can’t Shut Up” shirt all the time. Nothing’s changed. When he’s not talking or working, Posh explores food spots around L.A. (No, I don’t have an IG account for that… yet), working out, and lifting spirits.



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