Christopher Gavigan: Prima

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Christopher Gavigan is the founder and CEO of Prima, a newly-launched beauty and wellness brand rooted in CBD, hemp, heart and science. Before starting Prima, Christopher founded and grew The Honest Company to a $1B+ business with his partner, Jessica Alba. Tune in to Episode 31 with Christopher to hear that story!

In this episode, Christopher is BACK on the show for a second time to chat with Pat & Posh about his transition from The Honest Company to his brand new startup, why he decided to take the leap, and the opportunity he saw in the marketplace. Christopher also discusses his approach to Prima’s branding, the biggest challenges he’s faced so far, the current state of the CBD industry, and what his thoughts are on the future of the space.

Aside from business, we also covered some fun topics like what is up with him and the name “Jessica” and if he has any plans to run for public office in years to come. Tune in to find out!


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