Lexy Panterra: Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, and Influencer

Lexy Panterra, TwerkOut, LTO Fitness, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Lexy Panterra is a singer-songwriter, dancer, influencer, founder of LTO Fitness and the creator of TwerkOut, a fitness/dance class centered around the “twerk” and building confidence through movement.

In this episode, Pat & Posh hang out with Lexy to hear about her upbringing, how she developed a passion for singing and dancing at a young age, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

She also shares what it’s like being an independent recording artist, what goes into making deals, the real life of an influencer and social media personality, and how she defines success for herself.

Tune in to hear Lexy’s story!


Lexy Panterra: @lexypanterra
LTO Fitness: @twerkout
The Founder Hour: @thefounderhour
Pat: @patricktanahan
Posh: @posh