Dr. Jason Wersland: Theragun

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Dr. Jason Wersland is the co-founder, creator, and Head of Performance Development for Theragun, a percussive massage therapy device being used by athletes and people everywhere for muscle relief and recovery.

Before starting Theragun, Dr. Jason owned a company back home in Utah but realized he was on a path he didn’t ultimately want to be on. At the time, he also went through a divorce, lost his business after being a victim of embezzlement, and had 2 young kids with nothing to his name. He picked up his bags and moved to Los Angeles for chiropractic school, hoping he would discover a new path to success.

After suffering a life-changing motorcycle accident in 2008, Dr. Jason came up with the idea for Theragun and hacked together a prototype of the product at home. Eventually, the business took off after a series of difficult challenges and now offers a revolutionary product that is being used by athletes all over the world.

In this episode, Pat & Posh sat down with Dr. Jason to hear about this story and talk about the multitude of lessons he’s learned throughout his incredible journey to where he is now. This was one of the most interesting stories we’ve heard and we’re so excited to share it with you all!

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