Zack Honarvar: One Day Entertainment & Yes Theory

Zack Honarvar, One Day Entertainment, Yes Theory, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Zack Honarvar is the founder of One Day Entertainment, the team that manages Yes Theory, a talented group of content creators who believe that life can be as authentic and fulfilling as you wish if you seek discomfort.

Since Zack joined Yes Theory as their manager, they’ve grown their YouTube channel from 100,000 subscribers to 3.5 million, bungee jumped with Will Smith for his 50th birthday, and spent 4 days in Poland with Wim Hof learning his method to becoming superhuman by training the mind, among other challenges.

Before embarking on this journey, Zack worked at Shopify in Canada where he was raised, doing enterprise sales and paving his own path in the streetwear industry.

Pat & Posh sat down with Zack to hear about his upbringing in Toronto, his outlook on life and discovering opportunities as an entrepreneur, and how a trip to Los Angeles changed his life forever.

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