After Hours #11: Pat & Posh

The Founder Hour, After Hours, Pat and Posh

It’s been a WHILE since the last After Hours segment but Pat & Posh are BACK with another banger!

This episode features one of our most insightful, interesting conversations yet.

We kick things off by paying homage to a local LA legend, Nipsey Hussle, who tragically passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was an instrumental part of shaping the culture of Los Angeles and went above and beyond for his community. His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.

We also have a deep discussion about the “reality distortion field” and the striking similarities between two of the biggest documentaries of the year, FYRE (on the Fyre Festival) and The Inventor (on Theranos and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes).

Other topics include the corruption that occurs in large organizations (the recent USC scandal as an example) and the Lyft IPO, among other upcoming tech IPOs, and what it means for the industry.

We also share some VERY exciting news…

Make sure to tune in!

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