Shelby and Sandy: Contemporary Pop Artists

Shelby and Sandy, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Shelby and Sandy are brothers and artists based in LA who are known for creating modern, contemporary art inspired by nostalgia and culture - pretty much their childhood!

Born and raised in Orange County, Shelby and Sandy were best friends growing up and both had an undying passion for painting and drawing. Influenced by their parents’ interest in art, they always knew they would end up in the creative field.

When they decided to go all in on their craft in 2013, they took advantage of Instagram’s growing platform and quickly gained attention from high-profile celebrities and collectors who wanted a piece of the action. Since then, they’ve created art for Zac Efron, Nick Cannon, Bradley Cooper, Lucy Hale, and David Dobrik (to name a few) and collaborated with countless brands.

In this episode, Pat and Posh hang out with Shelby and Sandy at their creative studio to learn about their upbringing, early days of working together, their approach to creating, and where they see themselves headed to next. They also discuss the future of art, what their day-to-day looks like, and what makes them work so damn well together.

Don’t miss this incredibly interesting conversation with the artist duo who’s making some serious waves and only getting started!


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