Robert Keith: Hoorsenbuhs

Robert Keith, Hoorsenbuhs, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Robert Keith is the founder and chief creative of Hoorsenbuhs, a luxury jewelry brand based in Santa Monica whose clients include Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

Before starting Hoorsenbuhs in 2005, Robert was part of the Hollywood scene, first as a photographer and eventually an actor. After realizing the industry wasn’t for him, he decided to venture off on his own but didn’t quite know what he wanted to pursue. After experimenting and creating the prototype for his first ring, he was approached by a woman at a Starbucks who noticed it on his hand and was interested in a custom piece just like it. He made his first sale that day for $3,000 and the rest is history.

In this episode, Pat & Posh visit Hoorsenbuhs HQ to chat with Robert about his upbringing, the journey to launching Hoorsenbuhs, the struggles and successes he’s endured while building out the brand, and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way. Tune in!


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