Johnny Ray Zone: Howlin' Ray's

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Chef Johnny Ray Zone is the founder and owner of Howlin’ Ray’s, the famous restaurant known for bringing Nashville Hot Chicken to Los Angeles. Originally starting out as a food truck, Howlin’ has quickly become one of the hottest spots in town - literally. Ever since opening their doors in Chinatown in 2016, they’ve had 2+ hour lines every single day with hundreds of people just waiting to get their hands on a delicious hot chicken sandwich!

In this episode, Pat and Posh hang with Chef Johnny to hear about his childhood growing up in LA, what inspired him to become a chef, and the various jobs he’s had up to the launch of Howlin’ Ray’s. We also learn about what Nashville Hot Chicken REALLY is, the wild journey he’s had from being $80,000 in debt to growing one of the most popular food concepts ever, and what’s to come next!

Whether or not you’re a foodie, make sure to tune in for an amazing story and conversation with Chef Johnny!

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