Chelsea Petronko & Rachel Cole: Vernissage Art Advisory

Chelsea Petronko, Rachel Cole, Vernissage Art Advisory, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Chelsea Petronko and Rachel Cole are the co-founders of Vernissage Art Advisory, an art acquisitions and concierge service based in Los Angeles and New York City that specializes in Contemporary Art.

In this episode, they join Pat & Posh to share their personal stories, how they got interested in art, what sparked the idea for Vernissage, and how the business works when it comes to buying and selling.

They also share their thoughts on why the arts matter, their all-time favorite pieces, and the promising future of the industry.

If you have an interest or passion for art or are just curious as to how the business works, make sure to tune in!

Rachel Cole: @rachelm.cole
Chelsea Petronko: @chelsea.petronko
Vernissage Art Advisory: @vernissageartadvisory
The Founder Hour: @thefounderhour
Pat: @patricktanahan
Posh: @posh