E32 | Jeff Solomon: Amplify.LA, Velocify, AudioJoy, & more

Jeff Solomon, Amplify.LA, Velocify, AudioJoy, The Founder Hour, Podcast

For Episode 32, Pat & Posh sit down with Jeff Solomon, founder of Amplify.LA, Velocify, AudioJoy and so much more!

Jeff has been an entrepreneur since he began selling lemonade as a kid. He didn’t love school, so he went to work immediately. After working at a few places, Jeff eventually started his own company. That was the first of many projects he began. Amplify.LA, one of his better-known projects, helped launch the Los Angeles startup scene. Some of Amplify.LA’s portfolio companies include Clutter, The Bouqs Company, and Winc.

Whether it was discussing the current fundraising climate, debating venture capitalists vs. entrepreneurs or learning about his journey as a serial entrepreneur, we had a great conversation with Jeff about how he helped play a role in shaping LA’s startup community.