E33 | Nanxi Liu: Enplug & Nanoly Bioscience

Nanxi Liu, Enplug, Nanoly Bioscience, The Founder Hour

For Episode 33, Pat and Posh sit down with Nanxi Liu. Nanxi is the co-founder of Enplug and Nanoly Bioscience, which she runs simultaneously while spending her time in between LA and Denver. 

Enplug is a software that allows Fortune 500 companies to manage and distribute content using digital displays, while Nanoly works with leading pharmaceutical companies to provide them their patented polymer that enables vaccines to survive without refrigeration.

2 very different companies run by one incredibly talented founder.

Tune in as we hear the story of how the Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient came up with these ideas, met her co-founders, the tough choices she’s had to make, and the struggles she’s endured along the way.

We also chat about what Nanxi does when she’s not working, like playing the cello and violin, successfully trading Bitcoin, and being an Emmy-award winning TV producer in her spare time.

Nanxi Liu: @nanxi_liu
The Founder Hour: @thefounderhour
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