Daniel Kasidi: Rastaclat

Daniel Kasidi, Rastaclat, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Daniel Kasidi is the founder and CEO of Rastaclat, a brand of sneaker-inspired bracelets that inspire a positive mindset and a reminder to do good for yourself and others and to always seek the positive.

On this episode, Pat and Posh sit down with Daniel to hear about his upbringing growing up in Kenya, moving to the United States and acclimating to American culture, and how a car ride with his dad and brother at 15 years old sparked the belief that he can one day become a successful businessman.

We also talk about his journey as a fashion designer at Levi’s and Reebok, aspirations of pro skateboarding, and how the idea for Rastaclat came about and how he ultimately started selling the iconic shoelace bracelets.

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