Steve Stewart: Vezt

Steve Stewart, Vezt, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Steve Stewart is the co-founder and CEO of Vezt, a mobile app and platform where music fans can acquire rights in their favorite songs and recordings by the artists they love. Pretty sweet, right?!

Before launching Vezt in 2017, Steve was the long-time manager of the Grammy Award-winning, multiplatinum rock band Stone Temple Pilots. After 10 years with the band, he ventured off into the world of technology and eventually found himself back in the music industry with Vezt.

In this episode, Pat & Posh hang out with Steve to hear about his journey as a talent manager, how he first broke into the music scene, how the industry has changed in the last two decades, and how he sees the space evolving in the near future. We also talk about how the idea for Vezt came about, blockchain technology, and the challenges he’s faced while building a transformational tech startup.

Whether you’re into music, technology, media, or just good conversation, you don’t want to miss this educational and incredibly interesting conversation with Steve!


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