Lilit Caradanian: Elcie Cosmetics


Lilit Caradanian is the founder and CEO of Elcie Cosmetics.

Before launching her own brand, she was a makeup artist and worked in finance prior to that after receiving her MBA.

Upon realizing that working in the corporate world wasn’t for her, Lilit left her job at Disney and took on being a MUA full-time. She had been doing makeup on the side for 10 years at the time, so she had already built a steady client base. After several years of doing this, she opened her first studio and eventually launched her own cosmetics line, Elcie.

Throughout her career, she has leveraged the power of social media to build her own brand as a make-up artist and eventually her own product line, Elcie, and has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Tune in to hear about Lilit’s upbringing and her transition from the corporate world to MUA, as well as the challenges she’s faced early on as she aims to build a global beauty brand. She also shares her thoughts on the power of social media and influencer marketing, as well as the current state of the industry and what the future looks like.

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