Jenefer & Melissa Palmer: OSEA

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For the first time ever on the show, we have a mother-daughter power duo, Jenefer and Melissa Palmer, founders of OSEA. OSEA is a line of high-quality, naturally sourced skincare products that are also vegan, gluten-free and biodegradable.

Jenefer, the visionary behind the company, originally came up with the formulations for OSEA’s products in the 1980s while she was a spa director, but the discovery of seaweed as an active ingredient in skincare dates back to her grandparents. After realizing the massive benefits it had for her clients, she and her daughter Melissa decided to team up and officially launch the company in 1996.

In this episode, Pat & Posh sat down with Jenefer and Melissa to learn about their origin story, the journey to building a successful skincare business, their approach to creating high-quality consumer products, and the lessons and challenges they’ve experienced along the way.


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