E48 | Tyler Wilson: Wurstküche

Tyler Wilson, Wurstkuche, The Founder Hour, Podcast

For Episode 48, Pat and Posh are joined by Tyler Wilson, founder of Wurstküche.

Wurstküche is a restaurant in Downtown LA and Venice Beach that provides exotic German sausages, delicious Belgian fries, and imported beers. With lines always out the door, it has become a Los Angeles staple for dining over the last 10 years.

Tyler shares the story of growing up in Santa Barbara and coming up with the idea for Wurstküche while in college at USC. He talks about the early growth, the challenges of running a restaurant and bar, and how he was able to raise money to open his first location.

He also shows us how the name is actually pronounced (it’s not what you think…unless, of course, you speak German)!

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Wurstküche: @wurstkuche
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