E40 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

The Founder Hour, After Hours, Pat and Posh, Patrick Tanahan, Nerses Aposhian

The seventh segment of After Hours is underway and it’s also the 40th episode of The Founder Hour! The big 4-0 and so much more to come!

Pat and Posh kick back in the wee hours of the night to recap the show’s last four episodes, the absolute mayhem that occurred following the Conor/Khabib UFC match, the current state of Los Angeles sports, the controversy surrounding Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination, and the impact that the Instagram founders leaving the company can have on the platform’s future.

Come hang out with your co-hosts for some fun talks and good vibes!

The Founder Hour: @thefounderhour
Pat: @patricktanahan
Posh: @nersesaposhian