Ashley Merrill: Lunya

Ashley Merrill, Lunya, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Ashley Merrill is the founder and CEO of Lunya, a company who makes modern, luxury sleepwear for women. Before launching the company in 2014, Ashley was working at a venture capital firm as well as an online media company when she realized there was a gap in the sleepwear market for women.

Born and raised in LA, Ashley attended UCLA for her bachelors and MBA as well as culinary school prior to working as a professional. She officially launched Lunya by accident while in business school literally as she was giving birth to her first child!

In this episode, Pat & Posh sit down with Ashley to hear about her upbringing, the opportunity she sees for Lunya, the challenges she faced growing the company, their approach to marketing, and what the future looks like for the brand.

We also chat about other exciting topics such as the Japanese concept of Ikigai and the impact it’s had on her life and the decisions she’s made, what it’s like being married to an entrepreneur (Marc Merrill, founder of Riot Games, who we had on episode 42!) while raising children and running a successful company of her own, and her advice for other entrepreneurs.

Tune in for an awesome conversation with Ashley!

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