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From Traffic to Magic: Making Peace with LA's Dreadful Commutes

Remember "rush hours" in LA? Good times. We all knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into when entering the 405 at 8 AM in the morning or 5 PM at night.

If that wasn't bad enough, rush hour is pretty much non-existent now. It's 24/7 mayhem on our freeways. It's me, I've attempted every play in the book. Waze, "secret" shortcuts, using streets instead (which are pretty much the same, if not worse considering stoplights), trying to game the system by leaving 30 minutes earlier or later. Nope.

Death, taxes, and traffic. It was inevitable, and there was nothing I can do to stop it.

Well, sort of. I couldn't stop it, per se, but I could use it to my advantage somehow. 🤔

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