E26 | Robert Egger: L.A. Kitchen

For Episode 26 of The Founder Hour, Pat & Posh sit down with Robert Egger - a nonprofit leader, author, activist and visionary. 

Robert talks about managing nightclubs in DC early on in his career and then founding DC Central Kitchen - the country’s first “community kitchen,” where food donated by hospitality businesses and farms is used to fuel its nationally recognized culinary arts job training program. Since opening, DC Central Kitchen has produced over 35 million meals and helped 1,500 men and women gain full-time employment. 24 years later, Robert left DC and started LA Kitchen

Pat & Posh had an opportunity to chat with Robert about Anthony Bourdain and his legacy, Jose Andres’ work with Robert, nonprofits and the social issues of the present and future. 

Robert is a true visionary and this episode is entertaining, educational, and more so, extremely inspiring!