Jake Kelfer: Author, Speaker, and Founder of Professional Basketball Combine

Jake Kelfer, The Founder Hour, Podcast

Jake Kelfer is the 2x bestselling author of Elevate Beyond and Elevate Your Network, as well as a motivational speaker and the founder of Professional Basketball Combine.

His first book Elevate Beyond, released in 2016, originally began as a series of blog posts for his friends and is a real-world guide to standing out in the job market and discovering your passion. Elevate Your Network, his follow-up book which was released in 2018, is all about how to build extraordinary relationships in life and business. His company, Professional Basketball Combine, provides NBA draft prospects an opportunity to raise their draft stock and achieve their dream of playing pro basketball through private workouts, combine testing and team interviews.

In this episode, Pat & Posh hung out with Jake to hear about his upbringing and interest in sports and business at a young age, his first job out of college working with the Lakers in their Corporate Partnerships team (and retiring with Kobe Bryant), and what inspired him to become an author and speaker as well as launch the PBC. Tune in to hear Jake’s story and journey!


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