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E33 | Nanxi Liu: Enplug & Nanoly Bioscience

For Episode 33, Pat and Posh sit down with Nanxi Liu. Nanxi is the co-founder of Enplug and Nanoly Bioscience, which she runs simultaneously while spending her time in between LA and Denver. 

Enplug is a software that allows Fortune 500 companies to manage and distribute content using digital displays, while Nanoly works with leading pharmaceutical companies to provide them their patented polymer that enables vaccines to survive without refrigeration.

2 very different companies run by one incredibly talented founder.

Tune in as we hear the story of how the Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient came up with these ideas, met her co-founders, the tough choices she’s had to make, and the struggles she’s endured along the way. We also chat about what Nanxi does when she’s not working, like playing the cello and violin, successfully trading Bitcoin, and being an Emmy-award winning TV producer in her spare time.

E32 | Jeff Solomon: Amplify.LA, Velocify, AudioJoy, & more

For Episode 32, Pat & Posh sit down with Jeff Solomon, founder of Amplify.LA, Velocify, AudioJoy and so much more!

Jeff has been an entrepreneur since he began selling lemonade as a kid. He didn’t love school, so he went to work immediately. After working at a few places, Jeff eventually started his own company. That was the first of many projects he began. Amplify.LA, one of his better-known projects, helped launch the Los Angeles startup scene. Some of Amplify.LA’s portfolio companies include Clutter, The Bouqs Company, and Winc.

Whether it was discussing the current fundraising climate, debating venture capitalists vs. entrepreneurs or learning about his journey as a serial entrepreneur, we had a great conversation with Jeff about how he helped play a role in shaping LA’s startup community. 

E31 | Christopher Gavigan: The Honest Company

For Episode 31, Pat & Posh sit down with Christopher Gavigan, the co-founder of The Honest Company.

Early on, Christopher discovered his passion for the environment and delved deeper into environmental science and behavioral psychology in college. He always knew he wanted to solve big problems which led to his involvement in the nonprofit space, eventually leading to meeting Jessica Alba and partnering with her to start The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that emphasizes household products to supply the marketplace for ethical consumerism.

Christopher also talks about being a husband and father, managing his time, his thoughts on social media and what he defines as “success.”

E30 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

The BIG 3-0! The Founder Hour has reached Episode 30! How exciting!

On this episode of After Hours, Pat & Posh hung out with crickets and other creatures in Posh’s backyard to recap their most recent guests (Episodes 26-29) and talk about the new look Lakers (shout out Magic Johnson and LeBron James), how MoviePass is the worst business ever created, and answered questions from TFH listeners about life, business, and much more free wisdom!

Tune in to listen to Pat & Posh have deep talks on After Hours.

E29 | Grier Govorko: CoAqua

For Episode 29, Pat & Posh chat with Grier Govorko, founder of CoAqua, a premium coconut water beverage.

Grier grew up in New Zealand for most of his childhood. From a young age, he was very adventurous and had a passion for music. He wiggled his way into the music scene and eventually became the production designer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, moving to LA in the early 90s.

After 16 years touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as they rose to fame, Grier left the gig and ventured off on his own, writing a book about his journey on the road with the Chili Peppers and working on a bunch of side projects until eventually coming up with the idea of CoAqua while living in Thailand.

Tune in to hear his founder journey full of adventures, failure, and opportunity.

We also have a special treat for TFH listeners - use promo code "FRIENDSOFFOUNDERS" for $10 off a case of CoAqua at!

E28 | Brent Bolthouse: Bolthouse Productions

For Episode 28, Pat & Posh sit down with Brent Bolthouse. He’s the founder of Bolthouse Productions, which owns and operates The Bungalow as well as Neon Carnival, the ultimate Coachella after party with high-end brands and celebrities in attendance year after year.

Brent grew up in Southern California and eventually settled in LA in the 1980s. After meeting a friend while going to cosmetology school, they started promoting at nightclubs and throwing parties together. They were a major success from the start, and Brent eventually branched out and started Bolthouse Productions and continued to throw parties and corporate events for A-list celebrities for decades.

He’s since been involved with the creation and growth of many of Hollywood’s most famous nightclubs. Tune in to hear Brent’s incredible story!

E27 | Alex Banayan: The Third Door

For Episode 27, Pat & Posh chat with Alex Banayan, the author of the recently released book, “The Third Door.”

The day before his freshman year final exams, Alex hacked The Price Is Right, won a sailboat, sold it, and used the prize money to fund his quest to learn from the world’s most successful people, such as Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Jessica Alba and many more! 

We talk to Alex about his incredible journey, the ups and downs, being named the youngest venture capitalist in the world, and what he hopes to achieve with the book. 

Tune in!

E26 | Robert Egger: L.A. Kitchen

For Episode 26 of The Founder Hour, Pat & Posh sit down with Robert Egger - a nonprofit leader, author, activist and visionary. 

Robert talks about managing nightclubs in DC early on in his career and then founding DC Central Kitchen - the country’s first “community kitchen,” where food donated by hospitality businesses and farms is used to fuel its nationally recognized culinary arts job training program. Since opening, DC Central Kitchen has produced over 35 million meals and helped 1,500 men and women gain full-time employment. 24 years later, Robert left DC and started LA Kitchen

Pat & Posh had an opportunity to chat with Robert about Anthony Bourdain and his legacy, Jose Andres’ work with Robert, nonprofits and the social issues of the present and future. 

Robert is a true visionary and this episode is entertaining, educational, and more so, extremely inspiring!

E25 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

The Founder Hour podcast has reached Episode 25!

On this episode of After Hours, Pat & Posh took the podcast outdoors to recap their most recent guests (Episodes 21-24) and talk about LA Times’ acquisition, Kanye West and the exciting news that The Founder Hour is now available on Spotify!

Tune in to listen to Pat & Posh have deep talks on After Hours.

E24 | Clare Vivier: Clare V.

For Episode 24, Pat & Posh sat down with Clare Vivier, founder of Clare V., to discuss her journey of moving to Paris after college, working in journalism and pivoting to fashion by designing laptop sleeves and eventually women’s handbags and accessories.

Inspired by Kate Spade and the company she built and sold, Clare also discusses the issue of mental health and its importance. Currently, Clare V. has 7 stores in California and New York and hopes to expand the brand’s presence nationwide.

E23 | Eytan Elbaz: Applied Semantics, Scopely, Social Native and Render Media

For Episode 23, Pat & Posh sit down with one of the most influential people in the LA tech scene, Eytan Elbaz. He talks about his transition from engineer to entrepreneur and starting Applied Semantics, which he later sold to Google and became known as Google AdSense. After spending 4 years at Google, Eytan started Scopely, a mobile entertainment network.

Now, he is working on Social Native, a social media ad platform and Render Media, a digital publisher which was named the second-fastest-growing media company in America on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list. Tune in to listen to our conversation. 

E21 | Betty Porto: Porto's Bakery & Cafe

Porto’s has been a staple in Los Angeles for generations. Whether it’s their potato balls, tres leches cake or their many delicious pastries, you’ve experienced the greatness that is Porto’s.

For Episode 21, Pat & Posh sit down with co-owner Betty Porto, whose parents left Cuba wanting to escape communism and raise their kids in the U.S. Betty talks about her mother who started baking cakes in their kitchen, opening their first store in Glendale, the success of their family business and its growth, and being an immigrant working in the States and Porto’s impact in the communities it’s in.

E18 | Ryan Hudson: Honey

Who doesn’t love saving money? If you’ve ever found yourself searching for promo codes and coupons while shopping online, you probably should download Honey. The idea came about when Ryan Hudson, co-founder of Honey, was curious if he could save just $1 while ordering pizza. The same day, he built and launched Honey, a Chrome extension that has been downloaded well over 5 million times from the Chrome Web Store.

Tune in to hear Ryan’s story of tinkering with countless products as a kid, to becoming a tech entrepreneur after stumbling across an opportunity to help everyday online consumers get the most bang for their buck.

E15 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

On this episode of After Hours, Pat & Posh tell the story of how a spontaneous, last-minute trip to Coachella ended up with the two getting themselves into one of the weekend’s most exclusive events with A-List guests including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Blake Griffin, and Post Malone. They also provide a recap of the show’s most recent guests with key takeaways and learnings, answer questions from listeners, and even announce which founders will be on the next episode! Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show!

E14 | Teni Panosian: Blogger & Influencer

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer? Hint: it’s not what you think! For Episode 14, Pat & Posh sit down with Teni Panosian, beauty and lifestyle influencer/blogger, to learn her story of immigrating to the United States at a young age and the hard work she put into creating a beauty blog, eventually becoming a YouTube sensation and launching her newest project, Remarques. You won’t want to miss this one! Tune in Monday!

E13 | Robert Kronfli: Bacaro

It all started in a college apartment with his roommate, hosting a weekly dinner party for friends and eventually becoming so in demand that it became an almost nightly ordeal. Robert Kronfli continued his journey in the hospitality space and was a leading force in the creation of Bacaro and Bacari, along with a few other ventures. You can find these hotspots in DTLA, Glendale, Playa del Rey and more to come. Tune in as Pat & Posh sit down with Robert and hear his founder story!

E12 | John & Rana Lustyan: Edoughble

For Episode 12, Pat & Posh sat down with husband and wife super team, John and Rana Lustyan, co-founders of Edoughble, to talk about how they met and how Rana turned her passion for raw cookie dough into a company. Edoughble is a Los-Angeles-based business that crafts 100% safe to eat, eggless cookie dough with flavors like Candy Crush, Peanut Butta Cup, Birthday Bash and so much more deliciousness.

Exclusive offer for TFH listeners: use code Founder20 for 20% off your next order at!

E11 | Adam Bernhard: HauteLook

Chances are you or someone you know has shopped on HauteLook before. But, did you know that the company was sold to Nordstrom for almost $300 million…3 years after it started? Tune in as Pat & Posh sit down with the founder, Adam Bernhard, to hear his incredible story of growing up in LA, working various jobs, and eventually launching HauteLook after stumbling upon an opportunity to create a business “flash-selling” designer brands’ excess inventory at discounted rates.

E10 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

For Episode 10, Pat & Posh sit down and reflect on the stories of the first 9 guests of The Founder Hour and discuss updates on some of the founders’ projects. While sippin' on rum, Pat and Posh share the story about why they started the podcast and answer questions submitted by listeners. Don’t miss this very first segment of The Founder Hour: After Hours!

E9 | Kelis Rogers: Bounty & Full

We know her as the “Bossy” singer whose milkshake brought the boys to the yard. Tune in as Pat & Posh sit down with musical artist and chef, Kelis, to share her story of growing up in Harlem, signing her first record deal at 17, triumphs and tribulations in the music industry, and how she ultimately followed her passion for food and community to become a chef and launch her own line of gourmet sauces called Bounty & Full!